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As storytellers of our clients’ visions, Meter Square has been transforming dream interiors into reality since 2011.
Founded by our Design Director May Chang.
đź’ˇMeter Square has received countless referrals and positive testimonials from our clients over 9 years since we first established.
đź’ˇMeter Square believe communication is VITAL to a successful working relationship. To prevent miscommunication and misunderstandings.
đź’ˇCommunication in a renovation or design project is not just important, but CRITICAL to a successful project that comes in on-time and on-budget.
đź’ˇEvery renovation journey with our homeowners has been an incredible and satisfying one!
Now an established design name in the industry, Meter Square is unique in the sense that we enjoy engaging interactions with our clients. While we have a small but dedicated design team, we place a strong focus on each appointed task and are committed to understanding your needs such as budgetary and time concerns. We are also equipped with our own carpentry factory and that gives us the upper hand in creating high quality and exquisite carpentry designs.
We believe in multi-faceted designs which marry sleek forms with practical functionality. Through our holistic approach to materialise our clients’ dream interiors, we are pleased to garner many positive client reviews and a reputable standing through the years.
As attested by our word-of-mouth referrals and client testimonials, we seek to reach out to more satisfied clients.